Fashion Wars: Plaid or Stripes

Fashion is somehow like friends they tend to complement each other but in some ways they also have to try to be better than the other. The best example of a question most of us have asked ourselves before we complete our outfits. One of the timeless battles in the fashion industry.


Plaid can actually be worn by any body type depending on how you flatter your body with it you’ll still look good in that flannel shirt. Wether worn as a cardigan, a simple shirt or just tied around the waist, partnering it up with an all black ensemble is usually how to make your flannel shine in your outfit but thats just for me. Its up to you guys on how you’ll work with this piece of clothing.


Stripes are seen in everybody’s closets either vertical or horizontal. Striped print has visual effects on the wearer like horizontal stripes makes you look “fat” and vertical stripes makes you look tall. So don’t just put on stripes make sure to check if it will suit your body and make you look stunning in that outfit.


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Depending on how you see yourself in the mirror, the choice is still yours. Its easier to flatter yourself than to please everyone around you. Just make sure to be confident with who you are and how you project yourself to others. The best weapon for those trying to pull you down is CONFIDENCE and thats a fact.


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Special thanks to our Stylist and Photographer for that night! 😀