Travelogue: Boracay 2016

Lemme start this post with a quote, “Travel now, Eat Later” was our motto for the trip. This was actually spontaneous so we weren’t able to assemble an itinerary during our stay. So we had to scavenge for accommodations and restaurants that would fit our budget.


During the flight we were already thinking of what to do when we land at kalibo International Airport. We were really lucky enough to meet someone who knew his way around Boracay, Kuya Glenn the driver who brought us to Caticalan Jetty Port, set us up with an awesome Hotel (Indila Boracay) which is owned by a local named Aira.



The room, It was like being in smaller version of Santorini. The color scheme is perfect, it’s simple and elegant given the white furnitures with a touch of blue here and there.

About the Stay we were really having a rough time on what to do and where to go. We were all first timers to start with so we didn’t have ideas on where the convenient stores were so again we had to hunt down these places to budget the money we had left. Given the time we made sure that we had an eye out for spots and areas on where we could shoot for our insta-worthy posts.

Strolling around, we noticed how near we were to D’mall which was like a 5-7 min walk from our hotel which we did not know obviously because the first time we went there we rode a tricycle. So we learned that walking is the key to get to know where and what we needed to find for us to survive our 4 day stay in the island.



A good part of your vacation will be spent sprawled on the white sand and catching some glorious sun. But in order to make the most out of your stay, you need to sign up for the exciting adventures that the island has to offer. Visiting Puka Beach, where you can enjoy the waters and enjoy the scene whilst chatting with friends.


If you want more action, there’s also jet skiing, kayaking, skimboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, diving, and island hopping which we did not try. We’d rather just walk around chat and relax.

A Boracay vacation is not complete without partying on the pristine white sand, with the most beautiful sunset in the world as your backdrop. The island offers a good amount of space for those who want to spend the night out over drinks and good conversations. One of the bars in the island would be OM Bar which you won’t miss just because of their gigantic chandelier hanging from a palm tree.


If you prefer the dance club scene, then Epic Bar is your place to be. It’s the spot for great DJs from around the world, producing some of the best parties that ever graced the island.

It’s not everyday that you would get to fly to another place together so it is a MUST that we take this chance to take photos of the moments we surely won’t forget. “Travel isn’t just about going to another place and riding some mode of transportation. It’s about spending time with the people you enjoy and sharing a smile with them.”


It’s about time to get your sunblock and beach and get that sun kissed skin you’ve always wanted! Remember, first time travels are usually never forgotten, so it’s best to make every minute of it count.

What are you looking forward to in your first time trip?


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