Travelogue: GalaGalera



We started our week Backpacking to Puerto Galera. The trip was not planned well. We just talked about going to the beach then PG was put on the table then we just said go for it. We didn’t get the chance to prepare the stuff we were gonna bring with us but we made sure that we had alot of stories and memories to bring back from this travel.

Having no clue which way to go (it was our first time in Batangas Pier), we just followed the mass of people. Our instinct, which is sometimes off, sent us to follow a man who brought us to the ticket booth where we of course bought our tickets to Puerto Galera. Also because he was makulit na hindi nagsawang mag-alok. They would leave only if you ignore them and act as if you were in Galera Every now and then.


The Boat that we NEVER Liked cause this made us feel sick…. *Barfs*

When we arrived at Puerto we didnt know where to settle down for the duration of our stay there. It was a good thing that we were riding the same shuttle as one of the resort owners who was generous enough to give us discounts on our 3 day stay. The Place was Playa Blanca Resort which was a bit far from all the action in white beach but it was a good place to relax nonetheless.

We spent most of our time trying to think of what to do next, where to go, what to eat and were to chill. We also went Snorkeling to see the coral garden, went to an Underground Cave but The one thing we did that I enjoyed the most was looking for a spot for the shoot we were planning on. It was a difficult process going to the location we found. It was literally Rough due to the large roc formations. Well just to show them off. Here are some photos of my Models/Friends.

13015443_577559442448946_600690815870475888_n (1)



Ang Lampang Gorgeous ng Las Pinas – MICAH

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13007226_577560282448862_6158847127387076564_n (1)



Ang Sweet Girl na Nilamon ng Pag-Ibig ng Antipolo – Bambi


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Ang Lamonerong Ball is Life ng Quezon City – Jasper








Taking these photos was a blast we got the time to talk and be creative with the shots and the poses we needed to give an impression with one look. Being able to bond with the people you are with is better when you all enjoy what you’re doing together. So one tip you should all remember when traveling is that you have to be sure you enjoy your time there and spend it with the people that would make you happy

Thanks to Jasper for the Shots he took of me!






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