Steps: The Shoot

Nowadays taking pictures have been a part of our daily lives. Just to capture each and every moment possible. Even my parents always take selfies usually on snapchat with all those augmented reality filters. So here are some quick and easy steps on how to have the best shot you can get and show it of to your friends.


Last Friday my mom turned 47, my dad planned to celebrate on Sunday, so thats when we went to MOA to eat at Four Seasons.While we were waiting to get seated me and my sister were strolling not thinking about the heat just to look for that space to take photos. Lets move on to what this post is all about, Shall we?


Step 1: Look for a Backdrop that you would see fit.


Step 2: Make sure that you have tons of natural lighting. (Makes it look so much BETTER!)


Step 3: Strike a pose and don’t forget to Smile! (Have a variety of poses so you could pick which one you like best and show of that confidence.)









Step 4: Enjoy your Photoshoot! Cause thats the moment when you capture your look and show to the world how you carry yourself.


Its just as easy as that. So always remember these 4 easy steps to ensure that perfect photo each and every time. Oh and by the way Credits goes to my sister you guys can follow her on Instagram @jmtionloc





For the Outfit – Who I’m Wearing:

Shirt: Modern Amusement

Pants: H&M

Shoes: New Balance

Cap: Nike



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