Friends: BBSoc Reunited

Earlier this week we had the chance to talk to our weird but welcoming friends. Cause just to give you guys a brief background about it. We actually had a little argument about something that we actually need to thank cause its the reason why were back together with these lovely monsters.


So for my outfit I chose to wear something semi-formal that night. Tip: Just grab them long sleeves, jeans, shoes and a bag to match and your good to go. Oh, make sure you look good in them as well.

What I have here: Long Sleeves (Penshoppe), Jeans(Lee Pipes), Shoes (K-Swiss), Tote bag (Artwork).


Lets go back to that wonderful evening we had together. What we do is we meet up, Grab coffee or just eat together or both then we plan something after that. The usual “Tara” moment. Well Were not that normal group of friends consisting of just 5-6 people were almost 40 I guess. I know thats kind of a crazy group but it actually works we do get along. Yes, we still have arguments who doesn’t right? but by the end of the day we still manage to laugh together and smile at each other. Just to show them off. Here are some of them freaks I was talkin about.


PS: Friendship should never be taken for granted its the most complex but meaningful relationship in our lives. These unique bonds often run deeper than family ties, and sometimes last longer than your lovers.


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