Travelogue: Boracay 2016

Lemme start this post with a quote, “Travel now, Eat Later” was our motto for the trip. This was actually spontaneous so we weren’t able to assemble an itinerary during our stay. So we had to scavenge for accommodations and restaurants that would fit our budget.

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Fashion Wars: Plaid or Stripes

Fashion is somehow like friends they tend to complement each other but in some ways they also have to try to be better than the other. The best example of a question most of us have asked ourselves before we complete our outfits. One of the timeless battles in the fashion industry.


Plaid can actually be worn by any body type depending on how you flatter your body with it you’ll still look good in that flannel shirt. Wether worn as a cardigan, a simple shirt or just tied around the waist, partnering it up with an all black ensemble is usually how to make your flannel shine in your outfit but thats just for me. Its up to you guys on how you’ll work with this piece of clothing.


Stripes are seen in everybody’s closets either vertical or horizontal. Striped print has visual effects on the wearer like horizontal stripes makes you look “fat” and vertical stripes makes you look tall. So don’t just put on stripes make sure to check if it will suit your body and make you look stunning in that outfit.


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Depending on how you see yourself in the mirror, the choice is still yours. Its easier to flatter yourself than to please everyone around you. Just make sure to be confident with who you are and how you project yourself to others. The best weapon for those trying to pull you down is CONFIDENCE and thats a fact.


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Special thanks to our Stylist and Photographer for that night! 😀

Travelogue: GalaGalera



We started our week Backpacking to Puerto Galera. The trip was not planned well. We just talked about going to the beach then PG was put on the table then we just said go for it. We didn’t get the chance to prepare the stuff we were gonna bring with us but we made sure that we had alot of stories and memories to bring back from this travel.

Having no clue which way to go (it was our first time in Batangas Pier), we just followed the mass of people. Our instinct, which is sometimes off, sent us to follow a man who brought us to the ticket booth where we of course bought our tickets to Puerto Galera. Also because he was makulit na hindi nagsawang mag-alok. They would leave only if you ignore them and act as if you were in Galera Every now and then.


The Boat that we NEVER Liked cause this made us feel sick…. *Barfs*

When we arrived at Puerto we didnt know where to settle down for the duration of our stay there. It was a good thing that we were riding the same shuttle as one of the resort owners who was generous enough to give us discounts on our 3 day stay. The Place was Playa Blanca Resort which was a bit far from all the action in white beach but it was a good place to relax nonetheless.

We spent most of our time trying to think of what to do next, where to go, what to eat and were to chill. We also went Snorkeling to see the coral garden, went to an Underground Cave but The one thing we did that I enjoyed the most was looking for a spot for the shoot we were planning on. It was a difficult process going to the location we found. It was literally Rough due to the large roc formations. Well just to show them off. Here are some photos of my Models/Friends.

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Ang Lampang Gorgeous ng Las Pinas – MICAH

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Ang Sweet Girl na Nilamon ng Pag-Ibig ng Antipolo – Bambi


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Ang Lamonerong Ball is Life ng Quezon City – Jasper








Taking these photos was a blast we got the time to talk and be creative with the shots and the poses we needed to give an impression with one look. Being able to bond with the people you are with is better when you all enjoy what you’re doing together. So one tip you should all remember when traveling is that you have to be sure you enjoy your time there and spend it with the people that would make you happy

Thanks to Jasper for the Shots he took of me!





Steps: The Shoot

Nowadays taking pictures have been a part of our daily lives. Just to capture each and every moment possible. Even my parents always take selfies usually on snapchat with all those augmented reality filters. So here are some quick and easy steps on how to have the best shot you can get and show it of to your friends.


Last Friday my mom turned 47, my dad planned to celebrate on Sunday, so thats when we went to MOA to eat at Four Seasons.While we were waiting to get seated me and my sister were strolling not thinking about the heat just to look for that space to take photos. Lets move on to what this post is all about, Shall we?


Step 1: Look for a Backdrop that you would see fit.


Step 2: Make sure that you have tons of natural lighting. (Makes it look so much BETTER!)


Step 3: Strike a pose and don’t forget to Smile! (Have a variety of poses so you could pick which one you like best and show of that confidence.)









Step 4: Enjoy your Photoshoot! Cause thats the moment when you capture your look and show to the world how you carry yourself.


Its just as easy as that. So always remember these 4 easy steps to ensure that perfect photo each and every time. Oh and by the way Credits goes to my sister you guys can follow her on Instagram @jmtionloc





For the Outfit – Who I’m Wearing:

Shirt: Modern Amusement

Pants: H&M

Shoes: New Balance

Cap: Nike


Friends: BBSoc Reunited

Earlier this week we had the chance to talk to our weird but welcoming friends. Cause just to give you guys a brief background about it. We actually had a little argument about something that we actually need to thank cause its the reason why were back together with these lovely monsters.


So for my outfit I chose to wear something semi-formal that night. Tip: Just grab them long sleeves, jeans, shoes and a bag to match and your good to go. Oh, make sure you look good in them as well.

What I have here: Long Sleeves (Penshoppe), Jeans(Lee Pipes), Shoes (K-Swiss), Tote bag (Artwork).


Lets go back to that wonderful evening we had together. What we do is we meet up, Grab coffee or just eat together or both then we plan something after that. The usual “Tara” moment. Well Were not that normal group of friends consisting of just 5-6 people were almost 40 I guess. I know thats kind of a crazy group but it actually works we do get along. Yes, we still have arguments who doesn’t right? but by the end of the day we still manage to laugh together and smile at each other. Just to show them off. Here are some of them freaks I was talkin about.


PS: Friendship should never be taken for granted its the most complex but meaningful relationship in our lives. These unique bonds often run deeper than family ties, and sometimes last longer than your lovers.

Simple Sunday

Since the weekend is about to end, here’s a laid back outfit for a lazy day. Sunday is the only day I could take a break from school. Schedule’s getting pretty crazy because I’m almost graduating college. Hooray for me! Enough of that lets go back to the outfit, so I didn’t do much styling on this one. Basically its just a shirt-pants-shoes combo, nothing more. Have a great week ahead.


You have to keep in mind that you “ALWAYS” need to look your best.


What i’m wearing:

Cap: Cotton On

Shirt: Penshoppe

Pants: Bench

Watch: Aldo Accessories

Shoes: WorldBalance


Travelogue: WhenInHongKong


Im that kind of person who enjoys going somewhere new and trying to see what makes that place special. During our Trip to Hong Kong, I noticed how different we Filipinos are from the other asians. We tend to find something positive in everything that we do. We have a totally different culture that differentiates us from the norm of every asian country out there.


While walking through the streets of Hong Kong, I was able to see how blessed I am to be able to go to places others just dream of. On that note me and my sister just had to take a piece of HK with us when we travel back to manila.



The photos we took were took was more than enough to take home as souvenirs and was a great way to make sure that we would always remember the happy times we spent there.



“All it Takes is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.” -Peter Pan

What Im Wearing:

F&H- Jeans

Uniqlo- Shirt